Thor Leggings

If you see me lately I’m sporting some version of this outfit – fleece & vest from Costco, Old Navy leggings & either Crocs or these clod-hopper men’s wide K-Swiss bought at Meijer when back in Michigan a month ago and my feet were so swollen I couldn’t wear real shoes. Of the whole ensembleContinue reading “Thor Leggings”

Made it 8 weeks

It’s been a minute – regular posting is hard! I guess my resume will never say “Influencer”! I made it the 8 weeks after my last leg surgery. I am released from my 24/7 compression cage. I’ll still wear it almost all the time but it’s nice to make that choice. I have to sayContinue reading “Made it 8 weeks”


Another trip to the salon for the other daughter! Another picture of my swollen feet… I had to order compression one size down, so at least something is either stretching out or slimming down! Just not my ankles and feet! #lipedemarevolution #lipedemareductionsurgery #lipedema #fatreduction

1 week post op update (AKA Not All Sunshine)

OH MY GOD I want these stitches out! Get fatigued very easily. I keep reminding myself that I came home 3 days earlier than the previous surgeries and that has really made the healing process much more difficult. Can’t just rest and walk and take care of myself like I did in the hotel whenContinue reading “1 week post op update (AKA Not All Sunshine)”