This is Lipedema. These are my legs. For now.

Many others have explained Lipedema and documented their paths for all of us to learn from and enjoy. Here are some definitions, information and other sites to check out:

Lipedema is a chronic medical condition characterized by a symmetric buildup of adipose tissue (fat) in the legs and arms. A common but under recognized disorder, lipedema may cause pain, swelling, and easy bruising.

Lipedema / Lipoedema / Lipödem
Lipedema (painful fat syndrome) is a chronic disease that occurs mostly in females. It is characterized by bilateral, symmetrical fatty tissue excess, mainly in the hip region, upper and lower leg areas and combined with a tendency for leg swelling that worsens with standing. In male patients lipedema is extremely rare (1).  Lipedema is often misdiagnosed as bilateral lower extremity lymphedema or as simple obesity. (UK Group)

Lipoedema is a chronic and progressive disorder of the adipose tissue. It’s often called painful fat syndrome, and it mainly affects women (though there are some cases of male sufferers). It is marked by the abnormal storage and distribution of subcutaneous fat. Lipoedema can occur at any age, with newer research showing that the disease generally manifests itself during puberty, pregnancy or other times of hormonal change. It is thought that genes play a role, although more research is desperately needed into this disease.

Dr. Karen Herbst is widely recognized as one of the top Lipedema practitioners. Her paper posted in the National Center for Biotechnology Information is a seminal work on Lipedema and other fat disorders. This image is from that site and all rights belong there.

“Characteristics of lipedema that aid in establishment of diagnosis are listed, and many can be seen in the accompanying photo. This patient was diagnosed with Stage 3, type III and IV lipedema without lymphedema (see below). A quick and easy set of questions and exam findings are included to help in diagnosis of women with lipedema.”

Susan O’Hara shares her personal journey, tips, tricks and recommendations. She is an inspiration!

Flore makes delightful and educational images about Lipedema.

Types of Lipedema.
Stages of Lipedema

Facebook Groups have been a huge source of support and education for me. The Lipedema Community constantly shows kindness, understanding and support.

House of Hagerty – Facebook group for current, past & potential future patients of Dr. Hagerty

Global Lipoedema Awareness – Surgeries/Doctors

Lipedema Warriors

Liposuction for Lipedema

Lipedema Sisters USA

Vibration for Fat Disorders

Lipedema Sisters Minnesota

and my own baby group Lipedema Revolution

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