Pep Talk

Texted this to my remarkable son tonight after a particularly hard day. I needed to hear it and maybe you do, too. 📷: @PeteSouza #hardthingsarehard Hard things are hard, my love. You getting thrown to the lions in that game with a moment’s notice is what is known as a HARD THING. You stood up,Continue reading “Pep Talk”

More shots

Arms looking good at the allergist!! Started Xolair shots today to try to help with the whole Chronic Hives triggered by UV rays. I had to sit in the waiting room for two hours to make sure I didn’t have any adverse reactions. Except for my sore butt from sitting, all went well, not evenContinue reading “More shots”

Update photos

I need to do some proper full body comparison photos but in the mean time I took some tonight to compare with my pre-surgery legs from back in June 2021. Besides loosing my tan and gaining some scars I do see a difference! The thick, bumpy, orange peels are mostly gone!!

Torn but healthy

Made it to the gym two days in a row! Bright red face from whirlpool after water aerobics. Nice to have an empty locker room to use the full length mirror. I haven’t gone to water aerobics in almost two months. I really hurt my left shoulder (in water aerobics 😡) and started a newContinue reading “Torn but healthy”

Slippery Straps!

After talking with my surgery twin, Manu, it occurred to me that my recent post arm lipo experience might be helpful to pass on. I’m almost 3 months post op and I’m still wearing my Marena compression arm sleeves 24 hours a day (except for showering or when necessary for medical appointments). Skin is stillContinue reading “Slippery Straps!”


My swollen, bruised self is HOME! Back in my bed with the dogs and watching Project Runway. So glad to be home to recover these arms!!


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