The Dreaded Butt Shelf


This was the last real night out I had before The Current Unpleasantness, March 6, 2020. A night we’d been planning and looking forward to for months – the live My Dad Wrote a Porno show! (I’ve mostly traded live music for live podcasts and I’m just fine with that.) Paid the big bucks for 2nd row seats and pre-show meet & greet.

This was one of the photos taken when I was showing off my pomegranate jewelry. (If you know, you know) So much excitement and real joy happening. And all I can see is The Dreaded Butt Shelf.

I’ve ALWAYS had an ample behind. Back in the Scottsdale clubbing days (nights) I walked by a guy who did the check-me-out thing and said, “oooh, langosta!” “What?” “All the meat in the back, baby!!” 🦞🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

How as I to know that was the beginning of the story of the Lipedema butt shelf? What was once a shapely shape is now not. I pick up more chairs with arms stuck to my posterior than cute boys these days. Well, not for long with the surgeries in the horizon.

Listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno – it’s seriously one of the funniest things you will ever listen to.

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