A few minutes into researching Lipedema and you will (probably for the first time like me) hear about The Potential Benefits of the Vibration Plate! Then you will see (like almost everything Lipedema related) that these damn things are expensive and confusing!


The concept makes sense, shake it all up, move stuff around! It’s just like exercising. (Umm… 🥴 not really) I had visions of those machines of the past with the belt that goes around the hips and jiggles everything. Not anymore!!

Oh dear… is it like this?

I searched on Amazon and picked one I could afford. It arrived and HOLY CRAP it’s heavy. (Sorry Amazon driver!!) And it’s BIG! Where can I put this thing where I’ll use it and it won’t be in the way? Well, that place doesn’t exist in my house, of course. So it’s next to my bed and I use it like a step to get in my bed more than I actually use it, but I do use it! And stub my toe once a day.

It is weird. But it feels nice after. I don’t have headaches or any ill effects. I don’t know if it’s doing anything positive, but as long as it’s not doing anything negative I’ll keep doing it. Besides, the slo-mo videos are hilarious and I love the blue light! 💙

Slo-mo blue light jiggle legs!

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