Allergic to the sun…

Took my legs to my son’s two lacrosse games Friday night. A beautiful night! Sunny and perfect.

Ended up in urgent care Saturday after hives on my arms and chest that had started a few days before became so bad I was really worried. The hives have happened off and on since last summer.

Bleachers for hours!

Turns out I have probably developed a UV allergy. I haven’t really been in the sun since before my surgeries. Maybe removing the Lipedema fat changed something??

I’m not sure what I have done to make my body hate me so much!! Allergic to the sun?? I finally have arms I want to show off and now I have to cover them up. I need to see my allergist to see what can be done.

I’m depressed, devastated and overwhelmed. Are you allergic to the sun? What has helped?

At the Urgent Care with my damn hives.
Thanks for the mirror, Target. And the sunscreen.

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