Pep Talk

Texted this to my remarkable son tonight after a particularly hard day. I needed to hear it and maybe you do, too. 📷: @PeteSouza


Hard things are hard, my love. You getting thrown to the lions in that game with a moment’s notice is what is known as a HARD THING. You stood up, went in and did your best. You now know you can do that hard thing and the next time, it will be just a tiny bit less hard. That tiny bit is called confidence and you have it now. You can’t loose it, or forget it. You earned it. It’s all yours. And that confidence works in things besides football. In everything. Every time you do the hard thing that little flame of confidence grows and becomes like a golden fire, smoldering inside you. Burning up the nerves and tears and worry. Every time. Every play. Every test. Every difficult conversation. Every hard thing makes it a tiny bit easier next time. But you only feel that fire of confidence if you really try. That’s why I know you will be OK. Because you want to succeed. Or it wouldn’t be so hard. ❤️🔥❤️

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