First post! Hiya, I’m Amy from Minnesota.

I have Lipedema.

I was diagnosed a little over a year ago, at age 47. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful doctor who knew about Lipedema and recognized it in my legs. IT WAS A REVELATION! My disproportional bottom half (I call myself Beautifully Bottom Heavy), legs that keep growing, the tenderness, the bruises, the fatigue, the heaviness and pain – it all had a name and it wasn’t my fault.

I immediately started researching online, joined Facebook groups and educated myself. Stage II, Type III & IV, full leg and arms, with stomach thrown in! I started wearing compression leggings (more regularly), bought a vibration plate and dry brushes. Tried to lower the sugar and carbs (my nemesis).

The more I learned the more I realized that Lipedema removal surgery was my best option for halting the progression of my Lipedema. More research on surgeons! I found Dr. Hagerty at Premier Body & Laser in Spokane. More on my decision making process and Dr. Hagerty soon. I have a countdown going – 39 days until Surgery #1 – Stomach and flanks (flanks is a funny word!).

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