Thor Leggings

If you see me lately I’m sporting some version of this outfit – fleece & vest from Costco, Old Navy leggings & either Crocs or these clod-hopper men’s wide K-Swiss bought at Meijer when back in Michigan a month ago and my feet were so swollen I couldn’t wear real shoes. Of the whole ensembleContinue reading “Thor Leggings”

1 Week Post-Op, Surgery #1 Abs/Flanks

Holy crap swell hell is no joke. Today has been the most uncomfortable I’ve been since the day before I had twins! I feel about as big, too. Only real pain is when I bend to either side, KNIVES I tell you! KNIVES!! My bruising is fading to that nice sickly green/yellow. Today I triedContinue reading “1 Week Post-Op, Surgery #1 Abs/Flanks”

Well, that hurt

1day post op report. Spent most of the last 30 hours sleeping. And moaning in pain. I’ve been drinking lots of water and eating light meals. And crying a bit. Bathroom is the hardest part because it involves the most moving! Dr. Hagerty, Kaitlyn and Alyssa were nothing but pure kindness. I had a fewContinue reading “Well, that hurt”