“Have your legs always looked like that?”

Seven words that changed my life. I had been seeing Dr. G. for awhile for weight loss. I’d been fairly successful with her help and medication. During a routine exam she looked and felt my lower legs. Both legs below the knee have an extra bump of fat. I pointed out the small varicose vein.

She asked me “Do you bruise easily?” YES “Does anyone in your family have legs like yours?” YES “Are they tender? Hurt often?” YES “Stand up – let me see the backs of your legs.”

“I think you have Lipedema,” Dr. G. said, very calmly – like this diagnosis wasn’t some upheaval of almost everything I’d ever thought about my body. It wasn’t just fat and it wasn’t my fault.

It took awhile to find Lipedema in the diagnosis list in the computer system. But it’s there. And has been confirmed on three separate occasions.

I’ve had it added to my daughter’s charts. I don’t see signs in them yet, but we will be hyper vigilant.

On February 11, 2020 I experienced a Revolution. A Lipedema Revolution.

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