All Vaxxed Up!

Yay Science!!!

I had my second Pfizer vaccine today. What a relief! Arm is sore but feeling OK so far! I wanted to make sure I was fully vaccinated before traveling to Spokane in a month for my first surgery.

I might have to take a break from some of the Facebook groups for a bit. While they have been a huge source of education and comradery I have been having hard time with the Stage I/II women showing their legs and surgery results. Knowing that my legs will never look as good as their before photos gets to me. And then the sporadic posts about how some gain weight and Lipedema fat back after surgery – ugh! How frustrating for them – and scary for me.

I have to remember I made this choice to help me now. More help in the future might be needed. Might not! But this is the right decision.

#lipedemarevolution #fauchiouchie #vaccine #lipedema #lipedemaremovalsurgery

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