Packing for Surgery

Having learned a few things from my first surgery I have packed much lighter for Surgery #2. It helps it’s summer and HOT in Spokane, so less clothes are needed. Plus I’m much more realistic about how much I’ll be in public, so I won’t need to look presentable very often.

All the things!!

Here is my list:

Medical Underpads (Puppy Pads) (10+)

Shower Curtain


Laundry Detergent Sheets (WashEZE)

Hand Sanitizer

LfePro Massager Ball

IKEA Bag (for dirty laundry)

Quarters (for laundry)

Amazon Fire Stick

Female Urination Device


Air Freshener

Static Guard (compression garment sticks to dress)



Arnicare Gel

Iron tablets

Medical Tape (for taping pads)

Stool Softener

Acid Controller


Blood Pressure Monitor

Travel Tissues

Flushable Wipes

Dish Cloth (for kitchenette)

Arnica Tea

Leg Elevation Pillow (inflatable)

Travel Neck Pillow


Black Maxi Dress & T-shirt Dress, socks, underwear & bras.

Tank Top w/ Light Support Bra

Foldable Storage Cube (for bathroom items in hotel)

Sleeping Mask & Earplugs

Croc Slides

I will buy these when we arrive:

Cup with straw

Sanitary Pads for drainage

Hope that covers it! Ready for the plane!

Good luck flowers from my friend, Jen!

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