Two Days Post-Op

I’ve managed to snip a hole in my compression pants trying to get off the drainage pads that were taped on. A constant memory of the bloody crime scene I’ve been living in.

Damn hole! Ankles wrapped in maxi pads. But no knee fat pads!!!

I have one incision on my left leg by the knee that is still draining a little and one on each ankle that are more prolific. The maxi pads fit perfectly for the ankles but the thigh is the tough one. I could never keep thigh-highs up anyway!

I bought a pair of lightweight Target leggings to wear over the compression to keep the pads in place and it works pretty well.

Pain is at about a 7 when I’m moving around. I’m am going to try to start spacing out the pain pills more so I will have some for the trip home in two days.

Dr. Hagerty worked on the inside of my legs, top to bottom – I can already tell my knee fat pads are gone! He also worked on the side of my hips and right under my butt. He was able to get the full 5 Liters. So that’s 10 total now!

5 Liters!!

Sitting is NOT FUN. I’m finding the regular toilet seat is better than the raised one right now. Definitely need a cushion for next time.

It’s hard not being able to see my legs without compression. I know I’m bruised but I can’t see it! I’ll get to take these off at my two week appointment.

I took a shower yesterday, my husband was really grossed out by the drainage and forced me. Which was good I’m sure, lots of drainage came out in the shower.

I have my MLD with Tara tomorrow! That should be interesting.

My biggest problem that I don’t see people talking about is acid reflux. Last night was really bad. This is not something I usually have. I had it after the last surgery for my stomach so I’m not surprised. But it made sleeping difficult even after I took an acid reducer.

I texted Alyssa at Premier about it and she said it’s not uncommon. Pepto Bismol, Tums should help. Dr. Hagerty will check in with me when I’m there tomorrow.

Tired of being tired.

Have you had acid reflux or heartburn after liposuction? What did you do for it?

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