14 Days Post 1st Leg Surgery (69 Post Abs/Flanks)!!

I am almost walking like normal. Feet still swollen, ankles and front of lower leg still tight and tender. Thighs feeling good. Only real pain is when I bump into something or the dog hits me with his whip-like tail. I still tire easily and standing for more than a few minutes isn’t fun. But I feel like I’ve turned the corner.

I’ve realized I SUCK at taking progress photos. I need a damn Instagram studio in my house. This 1961 rambler wasn’t built for full length mirrors. Doing my best!!

After talking to Dr. Hagerty tonight foe two-week post-op appointment I took off my compression for the first time. Crazy to see the incisions (HOLES) and bruises healing. I removed the stitches – what a relief. The two on my inner thighs were the most annoying but also the least healed. Keeping an eye on those! Also watching the front of my left ankle. It’s got a reddish tint to it that I’m hoping is just swelling. It’s not hot to the touch.

I almost have knees!

I can definitely tell that the fat pads below the knees are gone! The skin color difference is the lighting. I don’t think my legs have changes color that much.

Compression are back on! 15 days until Legs 2.

2 thoughts on “Knees?

  1. I have a consultation this Friday with Dr Hagerty and now found you! I will eagerly follow your journey and cheer you on. I hope every day is better than the last for you.


    1. Wonderful! He is very thorough in the consultation – ask tons of questions. We have a Dr. Hagerty group on Facebook – House of Hagerty, if you are a FB person! Thanks for the words of encouragement!! 💞


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