Legs 2 – opps never published this one!

Yesterday morning (August 2021) I had my second leg Lipedema removal surgery with Dr. Hagerty. Full 5 liters. Full tears and deep breathing on my part.

FIVE more liters = 15 total. I have to weigh less soon, right?

Drained a lot yesterday (sorry hotel sheets) but today is better. Just need those baby diapers around my ankles. So pretty!

Legs up! Diaper ankles!

I’ve slept most of the time. Pain pills knock me out. I was glad to be able to sleep on my side for a bit. I have to admit I’m a bit depressed this time. The thought of getting through recovery is overwhelming.

Tired. Depressed. Pained. Bored.

MLD with The Great Tara tomorrow and then we fly out. Dreading the plane ride but I’m ready to recover at home.

Before – all marked up. Tickles so much!!
During – puffy cry face.
After – glove duck “socks”, bruised and read to get into those compression I can’t take off for two weeks!!

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