1 week post op update (AKA Not All Sunshine)

OH MY GOD I want these stitches out!

Get fatigued very easily. I keep reminding myself that I came home 3 days earlier than the previous surgeries and that has really made the healing process much more difficult. Can’t just rest and walk and take care of myself like I did in the hotel when there is a messy house, laundry and kids who require dinner.

I take little breaks and try to be kind to myself. And cry.

Physically legs are still very sore. They are tingly, itchy and zingy. Swelling not excessive yet but my feet are starting to puff up so I’m bracing myself.

I’m mostly cranky and hot and feeling guilty for “letting” myself feel crappy. Sad I can’t do as much as I want to. Sleeping badly. Irritated with myself that I’m not being patient about seeing any progress with my surgeries.

And I made the mistake of weighing myself. I totally understand the process but it doesn’t seem fair that I’ve had 15 liters of fat removed and I weigh just about the same.

As so, SO very sick of dinner. Planning it. Shopping for it. Making it. Cleaning up after it. 😖

Aaaannnnd then there is the guilt again – at least I have dinner.

I’ll look forward to a week from now when I know I’ll feel better. 🤞🏼

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