2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

WHY chair makers?? WHHHYYY??

Win #1 – Waiting for my son in the sad, 80’s era skyway level former food court (and crime against flooring) in a downtown St. Paul office building and I was thrilled to realize that I’m three weeks back in my Dansko clogs!! Wearing my pre-op shoes has been a boon to my mood and wardrobe! I can give the Crocs a needed rest. Swollen feet are rare these days!

Win #2? MY SHIN GAP! I’ll never have a thigh gap so I’ll take a well earned shin gap! I could never have put my heels together and had a gap up near my knees before surgeries. After my last MLD massage my leg measurements are down 15% from September. Approx 2.5 liters each leg. Waiting for the other 2.5 per leg to disappear very soon… 🤣

The third item (and only negative besides the depressing flooring) is the never ending big-bottomed person challenge, the DAMN CHAIR!! At least this one has a nice big opening for my tush to squish out the sides so fetchingly. 🙄 Not much pain where the arms hit – it’s almost like I’ve had the painful Lipedema fat removed!! Huzzah!

Where is this mystical island of tiny demon furniture designers? Why are they intent on seeing me with bruised hips or stand up with a chair stuck to my butt? I swear I’m going to start a Crappy Tiny Chair Instagram where I can take out my frustration… I’ll keep you posted.

#lipedemarevolution #lipedema #lipedmalegs #lipedemacommunity #lipedemareductionsurgery #fatamputation

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