Thor Leggings

I love when they put up the white lights for Xmas outside the gym!

If you see me lately I’m sporting some version of this outfit – fleece & vest from Costco, Old Navy leggings & either Crocs or these clod-hopper men’s wide K-Swiss bought at Meijer when back in Michigan a month ago and my feet were so swollen I couldn’t wear real shoes.

Of the whole ensemble I have to say the leggings are my favorite. My husband called them “Thor Leggings” with all of the lightening. They are long enough, high waisted enough, tight enough to matter, thick enough to not show too many lumps, silky enough that the dog hair won’t stick, are a size down, wash & dry well, were on sale & match my 98% black wardrobe. I’ve just talked myself into getting another pair in case something happens to these.

Not only that but a complete stranger came up to me today and said how much they loved them and that I “looked so cool!”. 😳 I try to compliment strangers every day and this is why! I really needed that. Thank you, you beautiful health care worker in Edina – you are an ANGEL!

It was a logistically busy day – having this disease (& 3 kids) eats up so much time! So much running around!! Take girls to school, take boy to school, go to MLD massage therapy appointment with the wonderful Julie, drive across town to Edina for appointments but I’m early so drop off Amazon return at UPS (yay me!), Container Store (very lucky it’s not closer to me), fancy grocery store in attempt to get healthy lunch and ended up with a Lara bar and Dr. Pepper, waste of time compression fitting appointment ($700 out-of-pocket knee highs because my UHC plan does not cover compression? Ummm… nope), follow up appointment with my Vascular specialist Dr. Godishala (all good!), drive back across town to pick up one girl from school and drop off at home, pick up boy from school, go through Dairy Queen for him (mini for me) and drop off at home, pick up other girl from after school volleyball and go home, order pizza, spend 1.5 hours in Zoom middle school conferences while hiding eating pizza, take boy back to school to see Orchestra concert, go to gym and walk treadmill for 25 minutes, pick up boy from school and finally go home. My dogs are letting me know how neglected they are while we watch Forensic Files.


Pre-surgeries I don’t think I’d walk around all day in tight leggings without some long tent-like tunic. Now I don’t care! I’ve endured years of Lipedema physical and mental pain. I’ve survived three non-cosmetic liposuction procedures. Gritted my teeth through months of nerve pain and leg swelling. Dozens of medical appointments. Paid an insane amount of money for something medically necessary. I’m going to wear the damn Thor Leggings.

And Costco fleece jackets are physically impossible to resist, everyone knows that…

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