So arm Lipedema removal surgery hurts, too! Read on! Started the day at our favorite spot – Cottage Cafe! Didn’t eat the whole cinnamon roll, don’t worry! We drove around and went to a few thrift stores and finally made it to the new Premier office.

Cottage Cafe Cinnamon Roll

After getting mostly naked, weighed, measurements taken, medication swallowed, arms sharpied and lots of anxiety the surgery started.

This one was different because I had to keep my cleaned hands in place to keep from getting contaminated and squeezing my eyes shut like before. I did have a towel over my eyes to shield me from the process.

Started with my right lower arm and small injections of lidocaine for incision sites. Two on wrists, one elbow and one back of armpit. Then incisions are made. He then starts the process of putting in the lidocaine solution. This is the most painful part for me. Like a deep breathing, tears streaming occasional screaming painful part.Then this is repeated for the top of the left arm and then other arm.

Then comes the wait for the lidocaine to kick in. Arms feel very full and tight. And look really white! I had my snack and an apple juice and a took a few pics.

Then comes the extraction phase – the most dramatic part! Does not hurt as much as the first part except for when Dr. H was near the armpits. HOLY CRAP – I thought he was going to poke through the skin.

But I made it. I MADE IT!

The final stage is the cleanup, compression and wrapping. And the relief. And a pain pill! After leaving the office we got I a great hamburger to eat in the hotel and basically went to sleep until morning. Waking up for more pain pills.

3 Liters

I’ve slept most of the day. Put my compression gloves on. Had a nice slow walk with Manu and now back in bed. Arms very tender, even the slightest bump gets an “OWWW!!” Only a few tears. It’s overwhelming – all of it!!

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