Surgery #4 – arms!

Hello Spokane! I’ve made to the (hopefully) final one! Tomorrow I have my Lipedema removal surgery for full arms. This is one I’m really interested in to see how my arms feel after they heal. This will all be worth it if getting my blood pressure taken is complete torture!!

The flight selfie view from seat 30D.

This surgery is even more special because a new a Lipedema friend is having her first leg surgery with Dr. Hagerty tomorrow, too!! Manu and I met for a chat and download of what I remember. And I know she’s going get through this amazingly!!

When I started this whole blog/IG/FB thing I really wanted to share my experience so that it might help someone. It is unbelievable to think that in less than a year I’ve actually met someone wonderful who found me online! Thanks, Manu! 💕

Finally get to meet Manu!!

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