15 Days Post-op Arms

BYE BYE 🦇 wings!!

I MADE IT TWO WEEKS! 24-7 compression is not for the faint of heart. It felt so good to take of the pair that I’ve had on since the surgery and squeeze into a new one. The arms look great! Definitely a big transformation I can see right away, compared to the other three surgeries where change wasn’t so immediate.

Arms are mostly cleared of bruises. Swelling still in my left hand and underside of upper arm. Skin feels numb and tender. And itchy! Only really bad pain is when I reach for something high and fully extend my arm, then I get a pulling tug in my armpit. Or if I bump into something or lean too hard on my forearms, then that still hurts. I have a few of the nerve pain zings but not bad at all (yet?).

I’m able to to almost everything. I was driving pretty much right away. The thing I didn’t think of – trying to carry a bunch of solid things in my arms! OWWWW! Like holding several jars or too many things at the grocery store in my arms – they push into my tender arms and out comes the expletive! Very glad my babies aren’t babies, for once. I’m trying to avoid real heavily lifting but Jarvis the 50 lb short-legged lap dog will not be denied his rightful place next to me on the bed!

Jarvis, my therapy dog.

I had my 2-week follow-up with Dr. Hagerty via zoom yesterday and he is concerned about the asymmetric swelling on my left arm and hand. The under upper arm (or Former Batwing) swelling is especially hard. Even MLD didn’t really help yesterday morning. Out of an abundance of caution Dr. H ordered an ultrasound to rule out a DVT. 😱 I was able to get in this afternoon and I’m waiting for the results. It weirdly felt good to have all that goo slathered all over my arm!!

Swollen Left Hand
Almost normal right hand

So I’ll keep my compression on 24-7 for another two weeks and I’ll keep wearing my fingerless compression gloves. And I’ll hope that the ultrasound was all for nothing!

Can’t post Jarvis and not Loki! He’s the jealous type.

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