Arm Update – 62 days post-op

I’ve been in a low spot lately. So thankful my surgeries are “done” but now realizing not nearly as much Lipedema fat is gone as I’d hoped. It’s really depressing to have climbed the mountain and the only thing I see from the peak is MORE MOUNTAINS!

It’s not that I’m unhappy with the surgeries. I’m just unhappy and overwhelmed that I will probably need more. I’m definitely giving myself more time and more effort at other conservative measures. I cannot face more lipo right now. I have mental healing to do first.

But my arms are looking great! Now that the 8 week mark has passed I’m spending a little time each day free from compression. My arms are still numb and tingly when not in the compression. It definitely feels better when I’m wearing something. Swelling is gone and skin is retracing nicely. No real pain. I just need my skin to connect back and I’ll be much happier.

Left arm. Left side – today, 2 months PO. Right side – directly after surgery (sorry for the blood!). Skin is retracting better than I thought!! 💪🏻

I wish compression shirts where half as easy to find as compression pants, the athletic kind. I’d love to have more options that are still supportive. I found a bodysuit on Amazon, not holding out much hope for success.

Left Arm
Right Arm

Awkward selfie arm shots. (I cannot find a good place for a big mirror in my house – it’s so annoying!) I have five scars on each arm. They are fading pretty well. The ones on my wrists bother me the most. Probably because they are the ones I can see!

Left arm scars – back of armpit, top of elbow, back of elbow, top of wrist & side of wrist
Right arm scars – back of armpit, top of elbow, back of elbow, top of wrist & side of wrist

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