Torn but healthy

Made it to the gym two days in a row! Bright red face from whirlpool after water aerobics. Nice to have an empty locker room to use the full length mirror.

I haven’t gone to water aerobics in almost two months. I really hurt my left shoulder (in water aerobics 😡) and started a new job so pain and timing are not my friends.

Love this Universal Standard bodysuit!

Last Monday I couldn’t take the shoulder pain anymore! My left shoulder has been hurting for almost 6 weeks. Started out really bad and got a little better but was stuck. I looked up Orthopedic Surgeons near me and I was drawn to one of the only female doctors, Dr. Harrison. I called right away and by some magic/fate/kismet there was a cancellation for that afternoon. Nurse called back and said I would have to get X-Rays first so I arrived early to get those done.

I had to take off my arm compression for the X-Rays – it feels so weird to be without them!

Dr. Harrison did some poking and prodding. Had me move my arms to see what was painful.

She believes I have a torn bicep tendon in the left shoulder and The start of rotator cuff problems in my right. Topical pain relief & PT to start. Then if that doesn’t work MRI and see what else can be done.

I loved her!! She explained everything, SHE KNEW ABOUT LIPEDEMA, and had perfect therapist in mind. We walked over to the PT department and I was able to get a series of appointments made. I started PT yesterday.

Dr. Harrison made me feel heard. She was caring and supportive. She is one of the only health professionals in my life who said I was healthy.


I AM HEALTHY. Not conventionally, not perfectly, not completely but I am healthy. Even with a depressingly high BMI, even even with high blood pressure, even with Lipedema and a torn shoulder.

I am healthy.

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