Slippery Straps!

After talking with my surgery twin, Manu, it occurred to me that my recent post arm lipo experience might be helpful to pass on.

I’m almost 3 months post op and I’m still wearing my Marena compression arm sleeves 24 hours a day (except for showering or when necessary for medical appointments). Skin is still very tender and feels better in compression. No real pain and skin is retracting fairly well. The skin on the bottom of my biceps is really rough and bumpy. I try to exfoliate as much as possible in the shower and moisturize after.

Freedom for the arms just long enough to get two allergy shots in each! Sooo weird not wearing compression!

My real complaint is that my damn bra straps don’t stay up. Especially my left side – proving my lack of symmetry! The sleeves are smooth and silky and I tend to wear bras with silky straps so the combo is a recipe for frustration. I really didn’t want to buy new bras (hoping for smaller size eventually) but I couldn’t stand it anymore and found one that is better but still not great.

Sliiiiiiiiding dooooowwwwnnnn

I did get a pair of Bioflect compression arm sleeves but I find them very itchy and hard to wear for very long. And because they are so textured they are more difficult to fit into my wardrobe. And the dog hair sticks to them!

As the weather will eventually start to warm up I’m sure I will be trying to go without or find some sleeves that are 3/4 length. It’s my upper arms that really need the compression.

Do you have arm compression you’d recommend?

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