FIVE DAYS!! Surgery #1 is imminent! I had a great appointment with an incredible Vascular Surgeon today, Dr. Nicholas @ Vein Solutions (Maple Grove & Edina), to discuss my varicose vein that needs treatment prior to leg surgery.

Hope you are sitting down…


They volunteered in Honduras together. (OF COURSE) I about freaked out. He knows all about Lipedema and I didn’t have to explain ANYTHING. It was how it should be. That’s two doctors appointments in a row where I burst into tears after I left the office. Tears of relief at being understood and listened to. I have hope that things are changing.

Luckily the vein isn’t bad and only needs sclerotherapy. Unluckily it isn’t bad enough to be covered by insurance. But I’ll have it fixed in time for the first leg surgery in July so I don’t have to worry about extra bleeding.

I’m not nervous yet for the first surgery – weirdly. Concerned about the pain and recovery but I’ve been too busy making spreadsheets and compiling directions for my sister to manage the kids and dogs and house while we are away to be really nervous. So my over-planning wins again!

The countdown is real!

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