Arm Update – 62 days post-op

I’ve been in a low spot lately. So thankful my surgeries are “done” but now realizing not nearly as much Lipedema fat is gone as I’d hoped. It’s really depressing to have climbed the mountain and the only thing I see from the peak is MORE MOUNTAINS! It’s not that I’m unhappy with the surgeries.Continue reading “Arm Update – 62 days post-op”

Thor Leggings

If you see me lately I’m sporting some version of this outfit – fleece & vest from Costco, Old Navy leggings & either Crocs or these clod-hopper men’s wide K-Swiss bought at Meijer when back in Michigan a month ago and my feet were so swollen I couldn’t wear real shoes. Of the whole ensembleContinue reading “Thor Leggings”

Made it 8 weeks

It’s been a minute – regular posting is hard! I guess my resume will never say “Influencer”! I made it the 8 weeks after my last leg surgery. I am released from my 24/7 compression cage. I’ll still wear it almost all the time but it’s nice to make that choice. I have to sayContinue reading “Made it 8 weeks”

Allergy Shots!

Allergy shots day! I’m allergic to all things green, future green or once green. All the trees, grass, dust, cats, mold – it’s all out to get me. Except dogs! (Phew!) I’ve been subjecting these #lipedema arms to 4 shots for five years. Five more years, the allergist says! I’m worried the shots are makingContinue reading “Allergy Shots!”

1 Week Post-Op, Surgery #1 Abs/Flanks

Holy crap swell hell is no joke. Today has been the most uncomfortable I’ve been since the day before I had twins! I feel about as big, too. Only real pain is when I bend to either side, KNIVES I tell you! KNIVES!! My bruising is fading to that nice sickly green/yellow. Today I triedContinue reading “1 Week Post-Op, Surgery #1 Abs/Flanks”

Well, that hurt

1day post op report. Spent most of the last 30 hours sleeping. And moaning in pain. I’ve been drinking lots of water and eating light meals. And crying a bit. Bathroom is the hardest part because it involves the most moving! Dr. Hagerty, Kaitlyn and Alyssa were nothing but pure kindness. I had a fewContinue reading “Well, that hurt”

12 Hours

I’m in Spokane Valley ready for my surgery with Dr. Hagerty tomorrow. Well, today, now!! Not particularly nervous, which is making me nervous… I’ve prepared and researched and read and re-read so I feel my expectations are realistic. I am ready to start my fat amputation! I also found Amy’s Donuts on my drive today.Continue reading “12 Hours”


FIVE DAYS!! Surgery #1 is imminent! I had a great appointment with an incredible Vascular Surgeon today, Dr. Nicholas @ Vein Solutions (Maple Grove & Edina), to discuss my varicose vein that needs treatment prior to leg surgery. Hope you are sitting down… HE KNOWS DR. KAREN HERBST!! They volunteered in Honduras together. (OF COURSE)Continue reading “Countdown”