Home & Swelling & Jessica Fletcher

Four days post-op. Well, five now that it’s past midnight.

Travel home day. Finally – we stayed toooooo long!! A long wait to check our bag (1 hour!) and a fully booked plane = not fun. At least I had an aisle seat! Glad I bought a small pillow to sit on. How does anyone handle a BBL? OOF!

I could feel my legs swelling all day and subsequently feel a few of my open incisions leak on the plane. The drainage had mostly stopped by day 3 so of course I hadn’t covered them. Sorry, everyone in rows 20+! I tried to be as discrete as possible mopping up the backs of my legs.

Don’t worry, The Caftan made it through the wash already, completely unscathed!

Thank the gods for the wheelchair attendant & electric cart driver. I’d still be hobbling down the G Concourse in Terminal 1 if it weren’t for them.

Glad to be home in my bed, legs up, surrounded by dogs and watching Murder She Wrote. J.B. is like Xanax for me – I’m so glad Christmas in July is over on Hallmark Mysteries! Now it’s back to normal murders of the most obvious!

I gently pulled back the ankle of compression garment I’m FORBIDDEN from removing for two weeks. I’m as bruised and swollen as I thought! Pain went from a 7 on Day 2 to a 4 Friday and now is up to an 8. Pulled those suckers over my heel, took a pain pill and now will sleep best I can.

MLD on Monday!

Bye Ankles! Ahh, tattoos & youth, a stellar combination! 👋 Jessica! The Copper did it!!
Golden hour in the cab home, holy crap it’s a lot of money to not have a friend to pick you up!

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