1 Week Post-Op, Surgery #1 Abs/Flanks

Holy crap swell hell is no joke. Today has been the most uncomfortable I’ve been since the day before I had twins! I feel about as big, too. Only real pain is when I bend to either side, KNIVES I tell you! KNIVES!!

My bruising is fading to that nice sickly green/yellow. Today I tried to drink as much water as possible. I did a little self MLD. I used the Arnica gel & the vibration plate. None of it seemed to help the swelling but it gives me something to do. I did not take a real walk today but I did do more around the house.

I have a Lymphatic Massage appointment on Friday but I’ll see if there is an opening tomorrow.

I ordered my own Marena bodysuit with full legs (on sale!! Almost $50 off!!) that should help with the hook/eye/bending bathroom problem with this garment. Dr. Hagerty is sending me a version that ends just above the knee so I’ll have choices.

I keep trying to make little videos but they are turning out too bad to post. I’ll keep trying. For now enjoy my puppies and sassy leg elevation/reading wedge pillow!! It makes me happy.

Loki & Jarvis doing the protecting. Wedge pillow!!

#lipedemarevolution #lipedema #lipedmalegs #lipedemacommunity #lipedemareductionsurgery

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